Jon Mac: Big Carp and a Lifelong Obsession

Feature Posted date: 23/06/2017, 10:06

There’s only one person that could judge the best fish between Heather The Leather and The Railway Leather, and that was the person who caught both. I caught Heather too, and yes it’s a historic fish, but to me personally, my favourite of the two was the Railway Leather.

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The Black Common

Feature Posted date: 24/05/2017, 15:05

So this happened and I’m still buzzing and in shock as this is the reason I fish. This one fish is the reason Pit 1 at the historic Frimley Pits gave me a calling. I remember last year talking to Louise Bowes and her showing me pictures of fish she had had, then we got to the 'Black Common'. I’ve never targeted a fish and never will, but, and it's a big but, I always dreamed of one day having the honor of holding it.

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Charlie Terry Joins The Formidable Wychwood Team

Feature Posted date: 23/05/2017, 09:05

Charlie Terry, a young carp angler currently in the hunt for Vinnetrow's Half Lin, signs for Wychwood. having worked with him previously it's a signing the team at Wychwood are incredibly happy about.

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Surface Fishing Tips with Nick Helleur

Feature Posted date: 13/04/2017, 11:04

With the weather suitably warm now, many have already put their first surface-caught carp on the bank this year. Nick Helleur is an expert at catching surface feeding carp, here he shares eight of his best surface fishing tips to help you put more fish on the bank.

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Nigel Sharp's Feature Finding Tips

Feature Posted date: 21/03/2017, 14:03

Nigel Sharp is known for targeting big, elusive carp, and he does so with incredible accuracy and precision. here he shares nine of his top feature finding tips to help you catch your next target, or simply up your catch rate.

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