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  • Charlie Terry, a young carp angler currently in the hunt for Vinnetrow's Half Lin, signs for Wychwood. having worked with him previously it's a signing the team at Wychwood are incredibly happy about.
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  • With the weather suitably warm now, many have already put their first surface-caught carp on the bank this year. Nick Helleur is an expert at catching surface feeding carp, here he shares eight of his best surface fishing tips to help you put more fish on the bank.
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  • Nigel Sharp is known for targeting big, elusive carp, and he does so with incredible accuracy and precision. here he shares nine of his top feature finding tips to help you catch your next target, or simply up your catch rate.
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  • A winter of blanking finally throws up a fish or two for Darryll Slater on his new syndicate. Just like the buds of Spring filling the hedgerows, they all seemed to come at once as the weather became a bit milder recently, reward for his dedication to surviving the colder months.
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  • Darryll Slater turns his session around after being very close to taking up golf, and what a flurry of carp to end on too...
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  • A testing time with lakes freezing and thawing constantly, Duncan Arrandale opted for a short afternoon session where he banked three fish in quick succession.
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  • A carp fishing career that has spanned decades, countless captures that the average angler could only dream of, and a passion that still burns as strong today as it did in the early days – we get inside the mind of Nigel Sharp, a true carping legend.
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  • An under-used tactic in his armoury, Darryll Slater targets Willow Park Fishery with solid bags, certain the perfectly presented mouthful of food will prove irresistible to the lakes residents.
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  • Struggling for time on the bank with shorter days and a busy life at home? Duncan Arrandale makes the most of a few spare hours over the Christmas break to bank a few doubles and give him the bend in the rod he craves.
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  • With warm weather forecast, Duncan Arrandale pre-emtped the carp’s location and reacted to fish shows to bank three 30lb commons from Farrier’s on his latest session.
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  • Captor of some of the UK’s most iconic carp and co-owner of Proper Carp Baits, Jon McAllister tells you everything you need to know about pop-ups.
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  • When the River Avon took hold of Duncan Arrandale two years ago, rising water levels put an end to his campaign before it started. This year he’s returned, and details his first river session targeting carp, catching from the off.
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