HD MHR Brolly W/GS



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  • Information
    The HD MHR Brolly has been developed alongside some of the most influencial anglers in the UK and has been designed with the mobile angler in mind.
  • This light-weight 60 inch oval is packed full of practical features that will enhance your fishing experience and most importantly, it comes with Wychwood's exclusive 5 year warranty. The central boss sits much higher than conventional brollies and provides a spacious amount of head room

  • We've also incorporated an internal storage solution in the form of our rib pockets so that you can store your essentials in hands reach and the internal skirt has been extended at the back of the brolly to allow a place for luggage items when being used without a groundsheet.

    Features include

  • 10000mm hydrostatic head all new HD ripstop material
  • Unique MHR central boss system
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Extended internal skirt
  • Supplied with two storm poles
  • Aluminium pegging points
  • Rod retainer straps
  • Heavy duty 3/4 groundsheet
  • Neoprene storm pole caps
  • Wychwood's 5 year warranty
  • Packed weight 6kg
  • Weight of brolly and poles 3.75kg

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