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Wychwood Stage Stand/Stabiliser

Posted Date: 21/11/17

If you like to use a T-Bar set-up on the bank, but struggle with wooden platforms, gravel swims or soft mud, then the new Wychwood Stage Stand/Stabiliser is the perfect solution. Available...

Wychwood Cross Bars

Posted Date: 17/11/17

Brand-new to the Wychwood Metalware range are these Cross Bars. They'll convert your goalpost set-up to a pod to enable you to fish over whatever bank side topography you encounter. Available...

Carp Fishing at Farriers with Mark Wozencroft

Posted Date: 08/11/17

Mark has been consistently catching from his syndicate this year, and on this particular session he banked 5 carp to 38lb.

Wychwood Stash Bags

Posted Date: 29/09/17

The new Wychwood Stash Bags allow you to store all manner of things to either keep them dry, or prevent them from soiling your car, bivvy or home. With a simple roll-top design they can be...

Wychwood Extricator 5000FD

Posted Date: 27/06/17

The brand-new Extricator 5000FD reel will be heading out to retailers on Friday, and will be available in shops from next week – £79.99. Whether you're fishing small waters with our popular...

To Catch A Forty

Posted Date: 05/06/17

After a difficult start to his season on The Carp Society's Farrier's syndicate, including losing several fish, Mark Wozencroft finally banked his first of the year – an incredible 40lb...

Wychwood System Select – How Do You Carry Yours?

Posted Date: 12/04/17

The System Select range is like no other. We're that confident in its quality it comes with a lifetime warranty policy, and as well as a water-resistant 600 denier outer fabric and a hard-wearing,...

Wychwood System Select: Hookbait Bag

Posted Date: 11/04/17

With the same durable materials, hard-wearing waterproof base, strong SBS zips and excellent lifetime warranty policy, the Hookbait bag is the latest addition to the System Select range of...

Wychwood Crimp Tool

Posted Date: 29/03/17

The Wychwood Crimp tool enables you to create short hook sections and rig booms with ease, and without wasting material. Crimps negate the need to tie fiddly knots and they come in three sizes...

Wychwood Puffer Jacket Camo

Posted Date: 15/03/17

The benefits of down are well known, it's warm and compressible. We wanted to move with this concept forward in the Wychwood Carp Puffer Jacket and create the ultimate insulation piece that's...

Wychwood Tech Hoody

Posted Date: 25/11/16

The Wychwood Tech Hoody offers a performance layer like nothing else in the range. A water resistant fabric wicks water away making light showers nothing to fear. The fleece bonded inner insulates...

Wychwood Light Waterproof's

Posted Date: 23/11/16

With the constant rain we're currently experiencing, it may be worth checking out our light weight, compact waterproof's. Not only do they pack down into their own pockets, but they're packed...

Lou Bowes Short Sessions

Posted Date: 21/11/16

Working at a school, Louise Bowes takes full advantage of her early finish and often heads straight down to Frimley Pits to go after its residents. Here she explains the benefits of her short...

Wychwood System Select: Lead Bag

Posted Date: 18/11/16

The Wychwood System Select Lead Bag is part of the new luggage range with a 600D outer fabric and a hard-wearing, waterproof base. There's a strong handle on the top and two divider's on the...

Wychwood System Select: Short Haul Rucksack

Posted Date: 15/11/16

The new System Select Short Haul Rucksack is in shops now, featuring two access points to the main compartment, bespoke SBS zips, a zip-off bottom section, a stow-away rain cover and a full...

Wychwood System Select: Tackle Organiser

Posted Date: 10/11/16

The new System Select Tackle Organiser is the perfect piece of luggage to carry your terminal tackle to the bank. With several sections to accommodate your gear, a lifetime warranty and strong...

NEW Wychwood Bib and Brace

Posted Date: 09/11/16

NEW Wychwood Bib and Brace – in stock now. Designed in-house by our clothing designer here at Wychwood HQ this performance garment combines comfort, warmth, durability and practicality to...

NEW Wychwood Parka

Posted Date: 08/11/16

Fully waterproof with an 8000mm hydrostatic head outer material and 5000g m2 breathability this coat is the perfect winter jacket for the impending winter. It's been designed in house from...

Wychwood AVX-s Alarms

Posted Date: 01/11/16

Darryll Slater talks through the new AVX-s alarms from Wychwood, highlighting the key features and how to use them. The presentation set costs £179.99. Web:

Small River Carping with Nick Helleur

Posted Date: 05/08/16

Never one to sit behind rods for days on end, Nick Helleur spends an evening and the following morning on a small stretch of river just a rod length or two wide. "You never know what the...

Nick Helleur takes one off the surface

Posted Date: 03/08/16

A short edit of Nick creating an opportunity on the surface and going on to hook one of Fox Pool's residents. Web: Fb:

Fox Pool Underwater Footage

Posted Date: 05/07/16

Nick Helleur recently captured some fish holding in the snags at Fox Pool. Read his full diary piece here: Web: Fb: https://www.facebook.c...

Jon Mac In Session

Posted Date: 17/06/16

Jon Mac managed to land four fish on a water in Reading earlier this week, here's a short film picking out the highlights of his session, enjoy. Web: Fb: https://www....

Nick Helleur Surface Fishing

Posted Date: 08/06/16

With the temperatures soaring, Nick Helleur banks a few stunning carp in a short afternoon free lining for carp on the surface. Web: Fb:

Rick Hurley extols his most memorable capture from Frimley Pit 3

Posted Date: 27/04/16

Having fished the venue for some time now, Rick Hurley details his most memorable capture from the lake, and gives an insight into just why he still spends his spare time there fishing for...

Canal Carp Fishing with Nick Helleur

Posted Date: 25/08/15

Wychwood's Nick Helleur heads down to a local stretch of the Grand Union Canal in pursuit of some of the elusive carp. Fishing short morning sessions and keeping on the move was the name of the game.

Wychwood Solace/Signature Alarm Tip with Nick Helleur

Posted Date: 21/08/15

Nick has made a quick modification to his Wychwood Solace alarms to suit his style of fishing... Check it out!

Wychwood MHR Brolly and Compact Brolly

Posted Date: 09/06/15

Find us on Facebook - The Wychwood MHR brolly sets a new benchmark for short session shelters. Ultra light and packed with a host of unique features...

John Nicholas In Session - Big Commons On Wychwood Extricator Rods

Posted Date: 21/05/15

Join Wychwood consultant John Nicholas as he talks about how becoming a family man has changed his angling, making the most of his limited time see how he gets on during a short morning session.

Wychwood Slug Bobbins: changing weights

Posted Date: 21/10/14

The new Slug bobbin from Wychwood feature a unique interchangeable weight system that allows you to adapt each bobbins to suit a particular situation. In this short video, find out how to...

Wychwood D-ploy: A closer look

Posted Date: 11/09/14

The D-Ploy is the latest chapter in Wychwood's extensive bivvy and shelter catalogue. In this video we run you through how to erect the D-ploy, plus we take a look at all the features of...

Wychwood D-ploy: All Bases Covered

Posted Date: 08/09/14

Combining the portability of a brolly with the strength and room of a bivvy, the D-ploy is designed to give anglers who fish a variety of venues a base that will offer true versatility. Manufactur...

Wychwood: Original Thinking...

Posted Date: 03/09/14

Wychwood tackle epitomises the modern carp angler, with a tackle range that suits every budget and design that is led by input from some of the best carp anglers of our time. This is carp fishing...

Jon Mac's Stoneacres 20

Posted Date: 12/06/14

A quick snippet of Jon McAllister's recent 23lb 12oz stunner that was caught while shooting his series of features for CARPology magazine.

Wychwood Q&A: Jon Mac talks weedy waters

Posted Date: 20/11/13

Wychwood's Jon McAllister loves a weedy water and in this short video he talks about how he approaches waters that are full of the stuff!

Wychwood Q&A... Jon Mac on line

Posted Date: 07/11/13

Wychwood consultant Jon McAllister gives his thoughts on what line is best for distance casting. If you've got a question you'd like to put to Jon or any of the Wychwood team, then send it...

Wychwood Q&A... Jon Mac on boilies

Posted Date: 07/11/13

Wychwood consultant Jon McAllister reveals how he looks at boilies, talking about how shape, size, food value and flavour dictates the baits he opts for. If you've got a question you'd like...

The Worm Wrap rap

Posted Date: 20/09/13

Pimp My Tackle found Neil, a lonely carp angler with a penchant for rap music, struggling to carry his rods wherever he went. Poor old Neil was using Sellotape to tie his rods together but...

Essential Tackle - Wychwood's John Nicholas

Posted Date: 16/09/13

Wychwood consultant John Nicholas reveals some of the items of kit he carries with him that he can't live without... To get involved with Wychwood and see what the team are getting up to,...

ACF at the Wychwood tradeshow 2013

Posted Date: 13/09/13

Wychwood has been unveiling it's latest range of products to the trade so we caught up with Advanced carp Fishing magazine editor, Tim Hodges, to grab a few words about what caught his eye...

Tony's 'Alternative' Choddy

Posted Date: 10/09/13

Chod rigs have become a big thing in modern carp fishing but not everyone gets on with them. With this in mind, Wychwood consultant Tony Smeets has come up with an alternative rig that presents...

Meet the Wychwood team.... Andrew Endean

Posted Date: 09/09/13

We caught up with Wychwood's southwest consultant (and resident Cornish pasty expert) Andrew Endean to find out a bit about what makes him tick and to test his eye for a quality pasty! For mor inform.

Wychwood Q&A - fish care with Jon McAllister

Posted Date: 04/09/13

Big fish expert Jon McAllister is back with more top advice, this talking through how he cares for the fish he catches. If you've got a question that you'd like Jon to answer send an email...

Wychwood Q&A - How to tie the Multi Rig

Posted Date: 03/09/13

Wychwood's big-fish expert, Jon McAllister, has long been associated with the Multi Rig and over the years he's proven its effectiveness with a string of massive fish. It's a rig that's been...

Wychwood Q&A - Jon Mac's top tips for big carp

Posted Date: 28/08/13

In the latest installment of his regular Q&A video surgery, big-carp expert Jon McAllister reveals his top tips to successfully and consistently catch big carp. If you want to ask Jon a question...

Q&A - Jon Mac's perfect marker float setup

Posted Date: 27/08/13

Big-fish expert Jon McAllister answers your questions in this new video series from Wychwood tackle, starting with how he sets up a marker float and his tips for getting more from this invaluable...

Win a Wychwood Epic Barrow Boss & Foldall

Posted Date: 24/08/13

We're giving you the chance to win the Epic Barrow Boss and Epic Foldall luggage, worth £139.98 in total. To enter simply film the most humorous clip of you ...

Accurate casting to a line clip

Posted Date: 15/08/13

Wychwood consultant Tony Smeets explains how he cast accurately using the Wychwood ACS clip and a line marker, essential viewing for anyone who wants to ...

Wychwood Epic Foldall

Posted Date: 13/08/13

Part of Wychwood tackle's extensive range of storage solutions, the Epic foldall offers the best features of a spacious holdall and combines it with an integrated, ...

Wychwood Epic Barrow Boss

Posted Date: 13/08/13

Wychwood has developed the ultimate solution for all anglers who want to be more organized, especially when it comes to loading up their barrow. Featuring a ...

Stick mixes for barbel

Posted Date: 15/07/13

Wychwood's resident all-rounder and Marukyu advocate John Nicholas explains what he uses when creating stick mixes for barbel To find out more about ...

First fish on a new water

Posted Date: 08/07/13

Wychwood's Tony Smeets has been out on a new water and has bagged his first of what we hope to be many.

Wychwood Solace alarms

Posted Date: 03/06/13

The new Solace alarms from Wychwood feature a compact design with a list of features only found on much more expensive alarms. Featuring wireless ...

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