Warranty FAQs

Feature Posted date: 27/11/2020, 09:11

Sometimes accidents happen but in a few cases, it’s a fault with the product that needs to be rectified under our warranty. Here’s some information on how the warranty works to get you and your kit back fishing...

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Fishing close to home with Agitator.

Feature Posted date: 20/11/2020, 16:11

We are now firmly into our second national lockdown of the year. Unlike the first lockdown fishing has been given the green light this time around under certain guidelines. With non-essential travel and long journeys being discouraged a lot of people can no longer just go to any venue they fancy fishing or would normally fish but this doesn’t mean you can’t go fishing. Many of us will have access to stretches of river or canal within a fairly close proximity to where we live and sometimes these are even within walking distance, perfect alternative venues to anyone who can no longer travel to fish.

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A Spring Session to Remember

Feature Posted date: 09/04/2020, 10:04

With the country in lockdown, I thought I’d reflect back on a 24 hour trip last spring; mid-April 2019. It was my first day trip of the new ticket that started on April 1st, having done a work night the week before.

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Trotting bread flake on a canal, is that even possible?

Feature Posted date: 08/04/2020, 12:04

We may be facing a period of uncertainty with fishing off the cards for the foreseeable, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking about, researching and preparing for when we’re no longer grounded. The weather seems to have picked up and undoubtedly the carp are thoroughly enjoying their sudden sense of careless freedom. A couple of us at Wychwood HQ can’t wait to get the stalking kit out the garage and feed those margin dwelling carp when the country is back in the swing of things.

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A November to Remember

Feature Posted date: 31/03/2020, 16:03

I’ve always been one that loves the change in seasons here in England, there’s something about a crisp, sunny Autumnal morning that I really love and it always leads to a change in the way I go about my fishing. Ditching the surface gear and concentrating on putting a bed of bait down and trying to tempt a few decent fish before winter sets in, Novermber 2017 was one of those months where everything went my way. With frost most nights and bright days, the fish just seemed to love it and I was only managing one day a week at the time, or an extra half day if I was lucky.

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