Get out of fishing what you want – Enjoyment

Feature Posted date: 05/03/2021, 16:03

I have been asked to write about my thoughts on short session fishing and watercraft. Now I don’t profess to be an expert on watercraft by any stretch of the imagination. I think of watercraft as being that 6th sense; understanding the carp, knowing where they are when there are no signs of activity and almost being able to pre-empt or predict where they are going to feed. This is an area of weakness for me as I can recount many occasions where I have got this wrong. However one thing that I really enjoy with my fishing is observation.

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Martyn Davies's Top 5 Spring Tips

Feature Posted date: 26/02/2021, 14:02

It has really been awesome conditions the past week and the S word really doesn’t feel too far away so with this, here are my top 5 tips to give you a better chance of putting more fish on the bank as the carp start to wake up this Spring!

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The Natural Approach - Winter session

Feature Posted date: 25/02/2021, 15:02

As It’s still quite cold with the nights frosty and the water temperature low, choosing the right water is paramount. I find the shallower water's better with the carp well catchable, especially with a lighter more bitty approaches meaning scaling things down and using smaller baits, naturals etc..

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Winter Baiting

Feature Posted date: 12/02/2021, 12:02

If your winter has been slow on the fish front there is always a chance at nicking a bonus bite so here are a few tips that may just swing it in your favour!

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Find Carp as Winter changes to Spring

Feature Posted date: 09/02/2021, 16:02

Zak's top tactics for locating carp as the season changes from winter to spring.

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