Summer Carp Care!

Feature Posted date: 15/06/2021, 13:06

In this piece I want to give you some simple tips to think about regarding your carp care whilst out on the bank this summer.

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A break from reality

Feature Posted date: 08/04/2021, 13:04

I think it's safe to say that Covid played a massive part in 2020 and impacted lives all around the world, being self-employed and working in the construction industry I was afraid of an economic collapse and thought a recession would be on the horizon. In fact it was quite the opposite the construction industry just boomed, from the first week in April it was absolutely manic working 10-12 hours per day 7 days a week, just burying myself into work just in case the economy crashed as it wasn't looking good and just wanted to be prepared I case the inevitable happened for myself and my family.

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Carp Fishing in Wales

Feature Posted date: 26/03/2021, 16:03

With Carp angling becoming more and more popular over the past couple of years in Wales, the chance of catching a Welsh whacker in the most picturesque of venues is becoming more available to many anglers.

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Lockdown life and Angling

Feature Posted date: 25/03/2021, 14:03

As a lifelong angler who is so used to having pretty much unlimited freedom and making my own choices to being told I couldn’t go fishing, after thirty years of pretty much doing what I want to when I want to made me feel uneasy to say the least when I first heard the news.

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An obsession with big carp.

Feature Posted date: 08/03/2021, 17:03

Although I’m relatively young at 23 to be targeting big carp, it’s been a passion for the last 10 years. This whole time I’ve very lucky to have a dad who fishes and supports my angling addiction.

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