How to set up and Pair Solace SAS Alarms

Tuesday 6th June 2023, 14:06PM Feature

The Wychwood Solace SAS (silent alarm system) is our most feature packed, reliable bite alarm set, to date. The small and compact design has been achieved by completely removing the traditional front speaker from the alarm head leaving the job of audible indication to the speaker on the wireless Receiver. Not only does this improve battery life and consumption dramatically, but it also means the alarms are always muted when setting up.

Below are the instructions on how to set them up


1.     To turn the alarm on, hold the power button for two seconds

2.     When both lights have flashed three times the alarm is turned on

3.     To turn the alarm off, hold down the power button for five seconds



1.     Turn all of the Alarm Heads on

2.     Switch the Receiver on whilst holding down the programming button on the side

3.     Two LEDs will turn on, indicating the Receiver is ready to be paired with the Alarms. Release the programming button

4.     Single press the programming button and the first LED will turn on

5.     Trigger the Alarm Head using some line or a piece of paper and the Receiver will vibrate or sound, indicating the alarm has now been paired to the Receiver

6.     Repeat steps 4 to 5 until all Alarm Heads are paired to the Receiver

7.     When finished, switch the Receiver off and on again



1.     Trigger the alarm

2.     Adjust the colour dial

* The LED colours will change automatically but this may not happen straight away



1.     Once the Alarm Head is turned on, single press the power button to switch to night mode

2.     Both LEDs will remain on but on a dimmer setting

3.     Press the power button again for one second to exit night mode



1.     When the Alarm Head is turned on, hold down the power button for three seconds. The LEDs will flash once

2.     In Stealth Mode, the LEDs on the Alarm Head will not turn on but it will still continue to communicate with the receiver normally

3.     To exit stealth mode, hold down the power button for three seconds. The LEDs will flash once


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