Latest product launches for 2021

Friday 12th March 2021, 11:03AM General

In Febuary we normally look forward to hosting our annual trade show, iceTackle*. Things have been a bit different this year and we have been unable to host a physical event, this however has not stopped us from launching a whole host of brand new Wychwood products for 2021. Here is a run through of our new products for 2021;

Tactical HD Luggage

We've a whole host of new products for the TacticaHD range being launched in 2021

This exciting new range includes backpacks, carryalls, rod sleeves and quivers, a bedchair bag, a shoulder strap, a cool bag and a carrier bag for all those extra odds and sods.

Get ready to Go Mobile, Go Lightweight, Go Tactical.

Below is a full list of new additions to the Tactical HD range;

·      Tactical HD Packsmart - £59.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Backpack - £49.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Packsmart Carryall - £64.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Carryall - £59.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Bankware Roll - £14.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Quiver Foldall - £49.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Bedchair Bag - £39.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Bits & Bobs Bag - £19.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Cool Bag - £22.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Rod Sleeves - from £19.99rrp

·      Tactical HD Shoulder Strap - £4.99

Tactical Compact Bivvy

The Tactical Compact Bivvy is a lightweight, 2 rib shelter designed to offer you comfort and protection all year round. Packing down to only 120cm in length and 4kg in weight  – this shelter is perfect for the mobile angler. The Tactical Compact Bivvy comes with a retail price of £219.99. 

Tactical Compact Bivvy Mozzi Front 

The Tactical Compact Bivvy Mozzi Front has been designed to be used in conjunction with your Tactical Compact Bivvy. Simply remove the waterproof front from your bivvy and zip this mozzi front in to allow maximum airflow during the warmer months whilst staying protected from critters. The Tactical Compact Bivvy Mozzi Front retails at £39.99.

Tactical Compact Bivvy Overwrap 

The Tactical Compact Overwrap has been designed to be used in conjunction with your Tactical Compact Bivvy. Giving you and extra skin will ensure you stay comfortable in the harsher conditions. The Tactical Compact Bivvy Overwrap retails at £89.99.

Tactical Bivvy Extension 

The Tactical Bivvy Extension has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Tactical Bivvy (Q0420). Simply attach to your erected shelter to give yourself an extended porch area. Use this space for addition storage, or alternatively for an additional bed or chair. The tactical Bivvy Extension retails at £149.99.

Wychwood Tackle Boxes

We have launched a completely new range of Wychwood tackle boxes for 2021 offering complete organisation for the modern carp angler. The range includes a rig box, complete tackle boxes loaded with smaller internal boxes as well as individual tackle boxes and internal boxes all at prices that are extremley hard to beat.

Here is a full list of the range:

·      Rig Box - £26.99

·      Medium Tackle box - £11.99

·      Large Tackle Box - £14.99

·      Medium Tackle Box Complete - £19.99

·      Large Tackle Box Complete - £24.99

·      Small Internal Tackle Box - £1.99

·      Medium Internal Tackle Box - £2.99

·      Large Internal Tackle Box - £3.99


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