NEW: Riot & Extremis landing nets announced

Tuesday 19th April 2022, 15:04PM General

Spring 2022 sees more launches in the shape of new landing nets to expand our comprehensive selection of carp care solutions.

The Riot and Extremis ranges are already super-popular in terms of the rods and reels that feature under these sub-brands so we decided to add new landing nets at key price points.

So what is the main difference in the nets? Both are 42-inch in size - the default size for most carp fihsing nets these days - and feature free-flow mesh that is super-soft, and also feature detachable arms for lifting fish safely to the mat. The spreader block design is light-yet-strong moulded plastic on the Riot, with the Extremis featuring a machined metal block that's more compact.The Extremis net also features a magnet in the bottom of the mesh so it can 'clip' to a designeated point on the handle, minimising an opportunity for mesh to snag on obstacles like reeds, and it also sports corner protectors.

The 6ft handles on both nets come in 1-piece and 2-piece formats, with the latter being ideal for anglers who wants a really compact pack-down size, or if they regularly fish on a boat and need to save space. All feature high grip shrink wrap at key touch points, and the Extremis handle features a spiked butt cap for when you want to stake the net in soft mud or silt when wading.

All of the nets come with a branded, detachable net float and sport Wychwood branding on the super-soft mesh.

  • Riot 42in with 1-piece handle - £64.99 RRP
  • Riot 42in with 2-piece handle - £69.99 RRP
  • Extremis 42in with 1-piece handle - £94.99 RRP
  • Extremis 42in with 2-piece handle - £99.99 RRP




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