The Black Common

Wednesday 24th May 2017, 15:05PM Feature

So this happened and I’m still buzzing and in shock as this is the reason I fish. This one fish is the reason Pit 1 at the historic Frimley Pits gave me a calling. I remember last year talking to Louise Bowes and her showing me pictures of fish she had had, then we got to the 'Black Common'. I’ve never targeted a fish and never will, but, and it's a big but, I always dreamed of one day having the honor of holding it.

The night went with only line bites and a lack of sleep waiting for that alarm to scream, NOW! 8am and all went quiet as bite time passed, so it was sausages and bacon on for a proper coffee and chat with Mike, a buddy of mine. We stood, standing between the swims sounding like we knew what we were doing, now chowing down on our gourmet breakfast when 3 beeps turned into a one-toner. As I ran the several steps to my swim I hear Mikes voice say, “I’ve never seen you run before”. Some things are worth breaking a habit for.

The fish knew its escape route and had me walking up the bank trying to gain yards to keep it away from snags and shallow gravel bars. Thinking back, I remember saying at least ten times, “wow, that's so dark” along with, “I’m shaking, please get in the net”.

Well Mike did just that and kindly unhooked it as well. I was just standing in the swim like an idiot, shaking and probably dribbling with disbelief. The hook hold was perfect and was only coming out the same way it went in. My coffee was being drunk by the track, as it landed where I stood before the take. With my prize recovering in a sling the kettle went back on whilst I found the camera kit. Several gulps of my coffee and it was time to hold this majestic creature up for pictures.

Weight is irrelevant, but it went a couple of pounds down on expected at 23lb. It was solid muscle and looking very healthy after winter, so I don't care one ounce. Dreams happen guys, so keep at it and here’s mine, ‘TheBlack Common’.


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