Wychwood Carp gets an EPIC new product launch for 2024

Wednesday 13th March 2024, 21:03PM Feature

A new chapter begins: Here at Wychwood Carp, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a truly EPIC new product launch for 2024. 

The exciting new product line-up for 2024 includes:

EPIC Carp Rods

The new Epic carp rod range sets a benchmark in design and performance. Featuring low resin construction, these rods maintain crispness and responsiveness over time. With cross-over carbon technology, they strike a perfect balance between sensitivity and power, ensuring unparalleled casting performance. Utilizing high-grade Toray Carbon reduces weight and enhances recovery speed.

The machine-cut 1K carbon reel seat offers strength, security, and flexibility, providing excellent feedback. Additionally, the ultra-lightweight American Tackle TI forged air guides and 16mm anti-frap tip guides enhance casting performance and durability, making these rods truly epic for carp anglers.

The range comprises of the AR (All Rounder) and the XD (Extra Distance) rods and are available in both Slim Cork and Full Shrink Options.

Prices for this flagship range of rods start at £225 SRP.

Extremis Reels

The new stylish, light weight and super strong Extremis range of reels offers excellent performance, helping you to achieve even longer casting distances with ease. Super slow oscillation for the perfect line lay, with an oversized drive shaft and an incredible 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings can only enhance the power and silk like performance. 

The precision fast drag works effortlessly, ensuring ultra-smooth pressure can be changed with minimum adjustment thanks to full carbon drag washer configuration. Furthermore, there are innovative touches like the very discreet one-touch folding handle with black stained wooden grip, Spring loaded Hi-Impact line clip and a fully floating line guard. The Extremis reels ooze quality and light weight performance. 

Available in our hugely popular 6000 size, as well as a larger 8000 size and come fitted with a stylish Satin Black Spool. A stunning Tournament Gold spool is available separately.

The Extremis reels are priced from £115 SRP.


Extremis by name Tactical by nature: introducing Extremis Tactical EVA - the ultimate range in durability and functionality in carp fishing luggage. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our Extremis Tactical range offers robust and hard-wearing storage solutions that cater to every carp angler's needs.

Our Extremis Tactical luggage is crafted from high-quality EVA material, ensuring exceptional durability, lightweight design, and easy maintenance. 

There are several options to choose from in the range. With a focus on organization, our Carryall and Utility bag provide efficient storage solutions, ensuring that every item has its place for a more streamlined fishing experience.

The large central compartments of the Compact Carryall and Utility bag are specially designed to keep your gear protected from water ingress, even during the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, these compartments are fully modular, allowing you to customize your storage setup with Extremis Tactical modular accessory bags, providing you with versatile options for organizing and storing all your fishing essentials. 


The Epic Tactical 42" Landing Net is crafted with the same premium 1k high-grade carbon as our renowned Epic Carp rod range. The result is a super slim, yet rigid two-piece handle, finished with minimalist cosmetics for a sleek appearance. High-quality Japanese shrink wrap ensures a firm grip, while the EVA flare conceals a stainless-steel machined ground point, allowing for secure staking even on challenging terrains.

Our attention to detail extends to the development of a functional and compact spreader block, precision-made from tempered aluminium to our own specifications, featuring subtle branding for added sophistication. The 42" arms, made from full 3K carbon, create a stylish, larger bow-style net head for efficient fish retrieval.

The net mesh, constructed with our desirable Tactical DPM camo mesh, offers both durability and camouflage, further secured by a stainless net clip to keep it out of harm's way. Each net comes with an ultra-slim net float and a Tactical drawstring stink bag for convenient storage and transportation. The Epic Landing Net has an SRP of £120.


The new Riot Landing Nets offer unparalleled strength, functionality, and reliability. With subtle matching cosmetics to our popular Riot carp rods, these nets are designed to complement your gear seamlessly.

Choose between two handle options: the one-piece handle boasts a strong, light, and exceptionally stiff carbon construction, complemented by fine Japanese shrink wrap at the butt end. Alternatively, opt for the two-piece variation, providing added convenience with sections just above the joint and at the butt end, ensuring a secure grip when it matters most.

Both options feature an ultra-reliable ABS spreader block with a dual-purpose cross member, serving as a pegging point to secure your catch while you prepare your mat, sling, and scales. Additionally, the net tidy feature helps keep your net away from snag-prone vegetation along the bankside.

Available in standard and Tactical variants, the Tactical version features the highly desirable Tactical Camo pattern on the ultra-soft, fish-friendly mesh, enhancing its appeal. 

Prices for the Riot Landing Nets start at just £40 SRP.

Extremis Buzz Bars and Bank Sticks

The new Extremis Bank Sticks and Buzz Bars are meticulously crafted to complement your angling style and adapt to any carp fishing scenario. Our comprehensive range includes both two and three rod options, featuring adjustable and fixed Buzz bars, as well as a variety of adjustable bank sticks.

Constructed from durable yet lightweight 6061 grade Aluminium, our bankware is designed to withstand the rigors of the bankside. Finished in a sleek black anti-glare anodized coating, they not only look stylish but also provide enhanced durability.

This range is also equipped with CQT (captive quick turn) thumb screws, ensuring effortless adjustments without the inconvenience of misplaced or lost screws. Additionally, our products feature fully interchangeable quick-release collars and inserts, allowing for seamless transitions between different setups.

With our innovative design, you can easily transfer bite alarms or butt grips from buzz bars to bank sticks in seconds, maximizing your fishing time and efficiency on the water.

Riot Tactical Chairs

The new Riot Tactical Chairs provide practical and stylish solutions without straining your budget. These chairs are designed to offer the utmost comfort and functionality, without compromising on style.

Featuring a generously padded mattresses dressed in our highly sought-after tactical DPM Camo weather-resistant fabric, these chairs offer a comfortable seating experience. The powder-coated steel frames are both durable and stylish, complemented by quality fittings and adjustable legs for added stability.

Pivoting mud feet and armrests with mesh covers further enhance the functionality of the Riot chairs, ensuring comfort and convenience during your fishing sessions. Priced from just £49.99 SRP, the Riot Chairs offer great functionality at a realistic value.

All these new Wychwood products will be available from Spring 2024 from Wychwood retailers.


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