Wychwood Comforter Range Reviewed by CARPology

Friday 3rd December 2021, 14:12PM Feature

Beat the cold this winter with Wychwoods Comforter Range.

The range was recently reviewed by Luke Venus from CARPology who had the following to say about it: "Fleecy materials and luxurious padding abound in Wychwood’s aptly named Comforter line-up. The foundation of the range is the Comforter Flatbed, which is a six-leg bedchair that lies completely horizontally. The matching Comforter Sleeping Bag offers the perfect accompaniment to the bed, and should you seek a bit more warmth, then the Comforter Bed Cover is here to oblige!"


CARPology give a run through all the key parts to each of the products in this carp fishing video that can be viewed on YouTube Here: https://youtu.be/3DdA96ChVuY



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