Wychwood Extricator 5000FD Reel

Monday 20th February 2017, 14:02PM General

An exciting release from the Wychwood Carp stable answers the growing demand for a suitable reel to pair with the incredibly popular Extricator range. Stalking, canal and river fishing, small waters and surface fishing are often the output for the fantastic six, nine and ten foot rods and now there’s an equally perfect reel to pair with them.

The new Extricator 5000FD reel is the baby pit of the Wychwood reel range and its compact design with a large spool facilitate clinical line lay – perfect for casting at showing fish or catching off the surface at range. This front drag reel sports a clean, understated, retro look with a matte black magnesium body, chrome coloured spool and dark wooden handle; this reel doesn’t just perform to the highest of standards – it also looks the part.

Looking at the specification you could easily be fooled that it belongs in a much higher price bracket, one complete turn of the micro-pitch multi-disc drag takes the Extricator 5000FD from free spool tension to a fighting drag.With a remarkable crank power, you will no longer feel under-gunned stalking big carp from the edge or playing fish off the surface at range.

The reel has been put through its rigours during the test period and has proven to offer incredible durability, and its price tag simply reiterates Wychwood’s incredible value for money, a reel that performs way above its £79.99 retail price. We recommend getting in touch with your local retailer today, they certainly won’t hang around.

Technical Specification

·      Micro-pitch, multi-disc drag
·      Anti-twist line roller
·      Magnesium body
·      Matte Black Finish
·      Aluminium spool
·      Dark wooden handle
·      Line capacity - 0.28 /300m - 0.30/237m - 0.35/173m


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