Charlie Terry

With his father being an avid carp angler Charlie caught his first fish, a roach, at just 2 years old. Rumour has it his dad was on the bank on the very day he was born. Being pushed round lakes as a baby it came as no surprise that he caught his first 30lb carp at age 7 from his club lake after carp took over from his initial float fishing. By 12 he was able to fish by himself on the club water and would plot up in the swim next to his dad and from there he progressed to weedy waters as well as fishing the local canals of Chichester.

More recently the MAD Baits consultant has fished Churchyard where he caught his current 54lb UK pb from, followed by an incredible season on Runcton. You’ll now find him on the banks of Vinnetrow in pursuit of the Half Lin – a fish that only the very best anglers have had the pleasure of catching. Wew’re sure Charlie will be added to its list of captors in the near future.

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