Derek Harrison

Derek has been fishing all of his life, ever since he was a young lad growing up in England. He really started carp fishing over 33 years ago when he moved to Holland, because at the time carp were scarce on the ground in the Northwest of England. He has since fished for carp all over Europe, as well as in Morocco.

Some notable captures include Half Moon from Lac de St. Casein, a very sought-after carp in its day, and also the famous Big One, the largest common carp in the Benelux, caught form the canal. As well as carp Derek has caught many big pike in Holland and a cat fish of 67 kilos in Germany, back when catfishing was fairly unheard of.

Derek still very much enjoys being out there, catching carp big or small, and he loves the huge canals and rivers of Belgium where there are still surprises to be caught (fish with no names). More recently Derek has developed a passion for wildlife photography, and believes, much like fishing, the more you put in, the bigger the rewards.

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